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You, Yes, YOU young lady, could be a part of Pasadena & Tournament of Roses history – the major event in the city and its world famous Colorado Boulevard:  interview to be on the Royal Court!

If you meet the criteria and are one of the just the 7 lucky young, local females selected, you’ll float down the famous  Colorado Boulevard on New Years Day morning 2020.  In the afternoon, you’ll be literally riding around inside the Rose Bowl waving the tens of thousands at college football’s most famous stadium & game.


But, those are just the obvious, best known of the benefits of being the Rose Queen or a Princess.   There are other wonderful experiences leading up to, and following, the New Years Day events, such as:

  • Be part of a famous, philanthropic & historic volunteer organization.
  • Connect & give back to the local Pasadena community
  • Develop interpersonal skills such as public speaking, etiquette and grow your self confidence. 
  • Receive an educational scholarship (recently increased significantly!)
  • Make lifelong friendships & experiences that will benefit you, and those you meet, even long after the parade & game are a memory
  • A life enhancing experience which will also touch others as you can become a role model
  • Other countless memorable experiences!

The 2020 Tournament of Roses is also a significant year to be on the Royal Court since it will be led by the 1st Latin American and only the 3rd female President:  Laura Farber!  She has chosen the parade theme to be The Power of Hope! “Through hope, we can aspire to be our best and in turn inspire those around us to reach higher.” (Farber)

There is so much more one could say about the Tournament of Roses Parade & Rose Bowl Game, but the following are the most timely and relevant at this moment:  Tryouts to possibly be on the 2020 Royal Court are  September 7th & 9th at Tournament House, 395 S. Orange Grove in Pasadena. 

Detailed, elgibility information:  https://tournamentofroses.com/events/royal-court/
And then, start what could be a life-enhancing event in a young life by applying online at this link:  https://www.roseparaderoyalcourt.com/

Good luck, and if you get on the Royal Court, ride down Colorado Boulevard, and attend the Rose Bowl game, just remember where you read about it!  Winking smile

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