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Will Upgrading A Pasadena Home Help It Sell?

As a home stager and interior designer in Pasadena, I am often asked about the value of upgrading a home for sale. The Wall Street Journal recently did a story on this subject: You May Not Recoup The Entire Cost Of These Upgrades When You Sell Your Home. While I agree with the article that you may not recoup the costs of upgrades, some upgrades will help your Pasadena home sell faster.

kitchen before upgrading to sell
kitchen before upgrading to sell
Kitchen after upgrades
Kitchen after upgrades

Which of the two kitchens pictured here are more likely to help this 1920’s cottage sell? How much of an allowance do you think you would have to offer to entice someone to buy a home with the kitchen above?

 The value and wisdom of the upgrades will be reflected in the faster selling time. This results in a net savings of carrying costs (mortgage, property tax, insurance, utilities) and less stress and turmoil.

Offering a ‘carpet allowance’ or a ‘painting allowance’ won’t get your home sold. Buyers have a hard time imagining a house with worn or soiled carpet and peeling paint can be the kind of home they would pay good money for. They’ll reject your home and move on to the next home. There are plenty to choose from on the market right now. Make your Pasadena home move in ready, and home buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there, making it their dream home.

Homes in better condition will sell faster. It is very simple. When you put your Pasadena home on the market, you are entering it in a beauty contest. The best looking homes sell faster and for a better price.

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