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Time To Refinance Your Mortgage – ‘Rate Window’ of Opportunity

Home loan rates have improved dramatically in the last few days opening a “rate window”.

The time to act is now. You’ve no doubt seen the huge drop in the stock market. Simply put – what’s bad for stocks is good for mortgage rates.

If your current rates are at 4% or higher, now is the time to refinance your loan.

If you are looking to buy your next home, this could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.  Remember a 1% decrease in interest rate gives you 10% more affordability!

In fact rates are back to near historic lows and this could be a fantastic opportunity for you to save money. However we all know that nothing lasts forever so please call or email your lender as soon as possible or give me a call for a referral to a lender who I trust.

I would hate for you to miss this ‘rate window’!

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