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Day 307: The Oinkster

Day 307 of 365 Things To Do Around Pasadena takes us to Eagle Rock and The Oinkster.  When I think of a place named Oinkster, I visualize hamburgers or pulled pork sandwiches dripping juicy fat.  Well… The Oinkster does serve some of the best hamburgers around and they do have a famous barbecue pulled pork sandwiches.  They are also known for their pastrami sandwiches.

The Oinkster

Oinskter Hamburger with gruyere cheese
Oinskter Hamburger with gruyere cheese
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich

But, I am here to tell you that they have some of the best Rotisserie Chicken, I’ve tried.  It is healthy and moist.  It’s garlicky and has crispy skin.  It comes with two sides and is only $5.25 for a quarter chicken.  I’m in love… seriously… I’ve been craving this chicken since Monday when I first tried it.

Rotisserie Chicken

I had to deal with major pressure from a friend who was trying to explain to me that you do not come to The Oinkster for the chicken.  Well… I proved him wrong!  A nice healthy option.  However, pair this baby up with the crispy, extra hot Belgian Fries and Plantains and you’re veering towards extra work outs.

Talking about sides, the fries truly were awesome!  If you come to The Oinkster order the fries.  They come with garlic aioli which was pretty good, but I loved them just the way they were.  Salty, crisp and hot.  Plantains?  Who would have thought that they would offer plantains as one of the sides?  I was in heaven.

The Oinkster has a really great patio with plenty of seating and umbrellas on a sunny day.  It has a funky combination of old – mainly in the interior, red vinyl booths and policemen enjoying their lunch, and new – Oxy (Occidental) students and artsy types hanging out in the patio surrounded by bamboo landscaping.

The Oinkster

Overall, I’m not surprised that they were featured on The Food Network.  For a non-descript, burger place, The Oinkster has many surprises.  I will be back over and over again.  Have you been there?  What’s your take on this place?

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
(323) 255-6465

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