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Pasadena Bloggers Discover the Crown and Key

Pasadena bloggers were treated to the most awesome behind the scenes tour of the Pasadena City Hall by Pasadena’s own PIO (Public Information Officer) Ann Erdman.

Pasadena Blogger Event – Pasadena City Hall

If you have not been to the newly renovated Pasadena City Hall, you are truly missing out. However, if you’ve been there, but were not privy to Ann’s personal tour, get on the phone and find out when the next one will be. You will be regaled by beautifully told stories which will transport you to the colorful, historical days of our city.

How did Pasadena get its name?  Find out why our city’s crest has a Crown and Key and the debate behind it.  What happens in the basement of the city hall?  Did you know why Pasadena has sister cities and why there were adopted?  How about a visit to the Council Chamber?

Of course, getting to meet some of the local bloggers for the first time and becoming reacquainted with others made the day even better.  And, I finally had an opportunity to meet the Big Dog – Mike @ de Cafe for the first time – way AWESOME!!!

I’ve taken a couple of video clips of Ann taking us on this exciting adventure which I will post as soon as I can.  But, in the meantime, enjoy some of the photos I’ve taken throughout the tour.


Can you find the Whimsical Man?

Can’t wait until the next local blogger event!


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Gena from Out On The Stoop fame made this awesome movie:If you’ve put up a post about this outing, please add your link to the comment section.
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