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Day 190:Historic Homes In Pasadena – Madison Heights

A few days ago, we looked at Pasadena’s historic Garfield Heights homes.  Day 190 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena continues our journey with Madison Heights and Oak Knoll.

Langham Hotel

The Oak Knoll neighborhood of Pasadena is one of the most prestigious in the area.  No expense was spared on some of the grand homes built by tycoons over a century ago.  Many notable architects were hired to build bungalow style mansions and sprawling ranch homes.  Magnificent, century-old oaks grace wide and winding streets where you can also find Spanish Revival and Georgian Revival estates.

Madison Heights is adjacent to Oak Knoll and the homes, while generously sized, are not quite as grand as some of the estates in Oak Knoll.

Here are a few of the more historical homes to get you started on your journey through these beautiful Pasadena neighborhoods.

Madison Heights and Oak Knoll

Allendale Branch Library (1920s)

1130 S. Marengo Aven.

At the southern border of Madison Heights, this adobe structure is currently a Pasadena Public Library branch as well as a school library for Allendale Elementary School. Built as an isolation hospital for patients with infectious diseases, it became a library in 1951.

Heineman-designed House (1911)

885 S El Molino Ave.

This Craftsman home was designed by Arthur S. Heineman.

E.J. Blacker House (1912)

675 S. Madison Ave.

This Craftsman home was built a few years later than the Blacker House, it’s grander Oak Knoll neighbor to the South.

The Langham Hotel (1907)

1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue

Movie stars and tycoons made The Huntington Hotel, which was later purchased by The Langham, a legend in Pasadena.  The expansive grounds and fairy tale landscaping beckons visitors from all over US.

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