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Day 337: Gold Bug

Gold Bug – Unique Pasadena Shopping

Are you interested in bizarre and perhaps things that are a tad eccentric?

We may just have found the right store for you.

Day 337 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena sends us off to explore Gold Bug.

Now, I have not yet been to this boutique but after checking out their website I have to make a stop.

I have to be honest, there are too many interesting things on this website that I just have to go in and see for myself!

For example, one of the exhibits they currently have on display in entitled, “SWALLOWING PLATES: OBJECTS SWALLOWED AND RECOVERED FROM THE HUMAN BODY”.

Lisa Woods Work on Display at Gold Bug

Photo courtesy of Gold Bug – Lisa Woods Collection

Do you REALLY think this was pulled from someone’s stomach?

I just don’t see how that’s possible! China for your wedding registry anyone? 🙂

There is another piece that caught my attention that I might actually add to my own gift list.

Brian Poor Animatronic Art ObjectsPhoto Courtesy of Gold Bug –  design by Brian Poor

Can you tell what it is?

I believe it is supposed to be Door Bell. I am told that it was designed by Brian Poor and if my source is correct he is an animatronics imagineer for Disney.

Of course that’s why I’m drawn to it, anyone that knows Ms. Lila Marie knows that I am all about Disney. 🙂

So those are a few of the pieces that drew MY attention.

They also have jewelry and apparel.  It seems like a great place to stop in and browse around.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting this charming boutique?

If so we’d love to hear about your experience and some of the interesting displays you took in.

Happy Shopping Pasadena.

Gold Bug
22 E. Union Street
Pasadena, 91103
(626) 744-9963

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