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Foreclosure Information and Helpful Articles for Pasadena Home Buyers and Sellers in Distress

I thought that I’d do something a bit different today and post a collection of foreclosure articles that I found interesting from bloggers around the country.  Let me know what you think of this format.

  • Banks Respond to Foreclosure Inventory Rumors | REALTOR.com® Blogs – The foreclosure market is surrounded by speculation and rumors about inventory.
  • Making Home Affordable – The Obama Administration’s loan modification program – Making Home Affordable – is an opportunity for anywhere from six to nine million homeowners in danger of foreclosing on their homes to reduce their monthly payments to an amount …
  • Is Your Landlord In Foreclosure? – As the number of foreclosures across the nation continues to set records, there is a sub-set of society that is being impacted that most people don’t first think of when they think of foreclosures… Renters. …
  • What I Do To Stop Foreclosure (and you can, too!) – Personal experience with homeowner distress. My experiences in personal homeowner distress has led me down several interesting and edifying paths, but the one that has had the largest impact on me is the subject of today’s post: …
  • Foreclosure Process- a RealEstate Glossary | Real Estate Opinion … – Better brush up: Foreclosure has many stages and all of them are very litigious. When listing a property in danger of foreclosure or selling one to a buyer.
  • What Does The Foreclosure Prevention Plan Mean For Me? – Obama’s new foreclosure Prevention plan promised a lot, and since we are already down this road, I figure it’s best to jump on the positive train and give these bad boy plans a shot. Who cares if they are trillion dollar plans, …


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