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Summer is not over yet! There is still plenty of time to enjoy great summer time activities and many are a lot closer to Pasadena than you think…let’s use my latest outdoor adventure as our example.

Wanting to get away from everything that I see on a daily basis, I was in desperate need of a stay-cation… Once again I put in a request to my partner in crime and asked that we “get away from it all” without having to pack a suit case or be in the car for an insane amount of time. I wanted be far enough away so that I didn’t recognize anything, but close enough to be able to get to work the next day (which I was supposed to but my lovely boss didn’t require of me).

Before we knew it, we were heading off to Sea World San Diego!  Now initially the thought of being in the car for a little over an hour may deter some from considering the trip. But lets face it… most of  us commute for an hour at a minimum each day, one way, all week long. So why not do it for some FUN!

So off we went! First stop, Shamu: Close Up exhibit. Here you will get to view the Killer Whales that perform during the Shamu shows.  It is this  huge glass bottom tank that allows you to view the animals as they are taking a break in between shows. They swim right up to the glass and say HI! Its a very welcoming experience.


Next stop Dolphin Discovery. Here you will have chance to take a seat and be amazed at what these delightful dolphins can do! Be sure you go on a warm and sunny day, there is a chance you may get hit by a splash or two!

ClydesdalePresntationin the Garden

Up next, Clydesdale Hamlet.  That’s right….there is a stable at Sea World that is home to the captivating Clydesdale horses.  In a lovely garden setting, you get the opportunity to view these amazing animals, you can watch a preparation demonstration, see the gear that the  horses use for towing carriages and after the demonstration there is an opportunity to walk through the stable and take a picture with these remarkable animals.

SeaTurtle Sunbathing

Heading back to marine life, we reached my FAVORITE destination of the day the Sea Turtle pool! I just ADORE these animals I could spend all day admiring them as they glide through the water, and come up to sandy shore and grab some R&R while taking in the sun. It was truly lovely for me to get to see such magnificent beauty up close.

Now what trip out to explore fascinating marine life is complete without visiting everybodys favorite underwater hunter JAWS!  Believe me this was NOT at the top of my Sea World to-do list.

Shark suprises

Needless to say I was in and out of the Shark Encounter exhibit in a flash! With teeth like those can you blame me!! Still it is definitely fascinating to see up close.  It is an awesome exhibit to view and it will prove to be a great part of your Sea World experience.

Can’t wait to hear what YOU ENCOUNTER on your trip to Sea World!

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