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Day 248: Stephen Hawking Speaking at Caltech

Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time

Do you have a scientific interest in the big bang theory, the deaths of black holes, or the future of the human race?

Maybe you’d like to visit Pasadena and see what’s taking place at Caltech next week.

World renowned Professor Stephen Hawking will be speaking Tuesday, January 18th @ 8:00 pm in Caltech’s Beckmen Auditorium.

Professor Hawking has shared his insights with the world on his theories and findings on the birth of the universe, black holes, and the future of our human race in his highly acclaimed and world wide best selling book A Brief History of Time. This book is considered by many to be a landmark in scientific writing.

Much of his seminal research on black holes was done between 1974-1975 during the professor’s year long visit to Caltech.

Since about 1992, The California Institute of Technology has been like a home away from home for Mr. Hawking. He tries to spend about a month each year there, carrying out research, sharing ideas with the Caltech faculty, postdoctoral students, and  graduate students.

Thanks to support from the Sherman Fair Child Foundation, his visits are made possible.

Though he has lived with motor neurone disease for most of his adult life, it has not prevented him from achieving anything he has set his sights on. He attributes his success to his wife and family, and to the many organizations and people who have contributed along the way.

George's Secret Key to The UniverseGeorge's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

His most recent venture, a series of children’s books he has written with his daughter Lucy Hawking. They are stories about a young boy named George who lives at home with his technology-fearing parents and his mischievous pet pig Freddy. His parents have never let George have a computer of any kind but when new neighbors move in next door he is introduced to the world’s most powerful computer – a highly advanced machine called Cosmos that holds the secrets to the Universe. All of the adventures are based on real science stemming from work from A Brief History of Time. To learn more about the adventures of George, visit the George’s Secret Key to the Universe website.

Day 248 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena immerses you into the world of physics and science with Professor Stephen Hawking.

This talk is intended for a general audience, and there is no cost to attend. For additional information please contact 626.395.4652.


California Institute of Technology
Beckmen Auditorium
1200 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, 91125
(626) 395-4652

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