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Day 91: Old Focals

Do vintage, designer glasses catch your eye?  Have you wanted to buy a pair, but they were just too expensive?  Well, now you can go to Old Focals and buy some funky, vintage glasses for a reasonable price!

If you want people to ask you where you got your sunglasses consistently than this is the place for you! 🙂

Day 91 of 365 things to do in Pasadena takes us to Old Focals on 45 W Green St in Pasadena.

Old Focals

Old Focals is a hipster place specializing in vintage frames and custom reproductions of glasses.

Their frames run anywhere between $69 and $149.

The inside of Old Focal’s shop is stocked with styles from every decade of the 20th Century.  They have vintage frames in plastic, metal, and even wood!  They also have a small selection of modern frames as well.

They have everything from eccentric, vintage Cat Eye frames to the ever so popular Ray Bans.

The staff at Old Focals will also pop sunglass lenses in the frame of your choosing for $20.  However, if you bring in your own pair of sunglass lenses, they charge $25 dollars.  If you don’t know where to get lenses, they refer you to a nice man in Pasadena that does prescription lenses for $20.

All the glasses are set out for people to try on.  They are NOT hidden behind glass cases.  So if you wanted to you could browse, and try on a variety of vintage glasses… and maybe spend a day here?  🙂

The salesmen are nice and not pushy.  They give their honest opinions on what looks good on you, which is always important!

The ambience of Old Focals is really relaxing, laid back, and staff is knowledgeable.

Whether you are looking for a retro pair of glasses, need your own glasses fixed, or want a customized pair of glasses head to Old Focals!  They do it all!

As a great Yelp reviewer stated, “This store is not one of those rip–off places selling “designer frames”, nor is it staffed by disinterested, vapid teens working at the sunglasses store in the mall.  They seem to know an awful lot about history, fashion and eyeglasses here. And they care.”


Old Focals
45 W Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105

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