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Day 19: Dream Dinners

Busy schedule?  Not sure what you’re going to have for dinner tonight?  Dream Dinners in Pasadena come to the rescue.

I’ve been walking by this strange little storefront for a few months now when I stop by Zankou Chicken.  I see lots of people involved in some sort of cooking activity and lots of freezers.  Finally, I had a chance to stop by and check this place out on day 19 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena.

Dream Dinners Pasadena
Dream Dinners Pasadena

It all began with a couple of busy working moms who dreamed of gathering their families around the dinner table.  They started making fix and freeze meals to save time and money ultimately making dinner time stress free.

They started their first dinner assembly session in 2002 and now there are stores in 35 states.  We have one, right here, in Pasadena California.

The idea is that every month, you will be offered a menu with various selections.  Based on the number of people and number of servings, you are able to mix and match various dishes usually for the month ahead.

You will then make an appointment to come into their store where all the various ingredients have been prepared, chopped and ready to be assembled.  You will be given a step by step card for each meal and can go around the main station and assemble your meal according to instructions – there are even color coordinated measurement utensils corresponding to the menu on the card.

Once all items are assembled, everything is packed and you take it home to freeze, thaw and warm when ready to eat.  No mess, no clean up… just a fun, usually hour long activity.

When I was there, I walked in on what they call a Date Night where couples come in together to put together their meal and sample some of the foods.  It looked like a big party with different couples getting to know one another.

Dream Dinners Pasadena Interior

Also, if you don’t feel like assembling your dinner, it can be pre-packaged and ready to go for you.  Just stop on by and pick it up.

Definitely looks like an interesting concept.  I am very tempted to try it and most likely will soon.  Looks like they have a New Guest Open House every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6 pm.  Reservations are needed.

Have you tried this?  What are your experiences with Dream Dinners?

Dream Dinners Pasadena

1274 E Colorado Blvd

Pasadena, CA  91106

(626) 796-7863

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