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Day 364: Blick Art Materials

Day 364 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena™ takes you to art lover’s heaven!  Blick’s art supplies store, previously known as the Art Store,  is conveniently located on Raymond with 90 minute free public parking across the street in the old school house parking garage.

Blick Art Materials Pasadena CA

Blick’s has pretty much everything you can think of that is art and project related.  The staff is extra friendly and easy to find.  If you are looking for canvas of various sizes, paints, pens, journals, scrapbooks, art tool boxes, stickers, post cards, invites – you can find it all here.

Blick Art Materials in Old Pasadena

A bit of history:

Blick’s first catalog originated in 1911 in the form of a small pamphlet issued by the company’s two founding partners, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blick. The warehouse was located in their kitchen and their “shipping department” was the local post office. Their first product was a lettering pen, which quickly became a best-seller.

Thirty-seven years later, sensing a tremendous business opportunity, my grandfather, Robert Metzenberg, purchased Dick Blick from its founders. Although my grandfather was not a great artist, he loved serving artists and had an eye for quality merchandise. Along with Jack Wyatt, my grandfather’s hard-working associate and partner, who joined Blick in 1958, the company soon realized triple-digit growth.

Today, Blick Art Materials remains the premier art supply source for professional artists, students, and teachers, and continues to be a family-owned business.

Prices are reasonable and if you are a student or a teacher, don’t forget to open a preferred customer card good for a 10% discount on anything you buy.  They also have constant on-line and mail-in specials ranging up to 40% off.

Yesterday, when I was there, they had a Spinning Wheel promotion.  You spin the wheel and get one of their great prizes – I won a eco-friendly Blick’s tote bag and Sasha won a TShirt.  Fun!

And, of course… once you’re parked and do your shopping, you are in Old Pasadena.  You’ll find many restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to entertain you.  So head out to Blick Art Material and create your own magic!

Blick Art Material
44 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-4985

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