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Day 330: Kevin Smith Sells Out in Pasadena

Kevin Smith Movie Prop Auction

Are you a fan of Kevin Smith or his movies?

Day 330 of 365 things to do in Pasadena has THE activity for you!

Kevin Smith, writer/director of such films as “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and the upcoming “Red State” is partnering with Propworx, Hollywood’s premier studio auction house, to sell hundreds of props, costumes, comic art, and set pieces from Smith’s catalog of films and projects. Most notable among the lots are the Bartleby’s Angel Wings and Torso Armor worn by Ben Affleck in “Dogma.” Also on the auction block are amazing pieces of original comic art, including artwork from “Green Arrow,” “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear,”  “Jay and Silent Bob,” and “Clerks.” Smith plans to podcast live from the event, telling behind-the-scenes stories about the items.

The Auction will take place Sunday, April 10th at 10:00 am at Pasadena Convention Center

From Kevin Smith:

“As a prop-lovin’ movie geek, it is my distinct pleasure to unload these beloved props on other movie geeks with disposable income and a boner for all things Askew.  And as much as I love the costumes and crap from all of our flicks, I’m selling these storied pieces of the View Askewniverse to help us self-distribute our new film Red State.  In essence, I’ve gotta sell the past if I wanna pay for the future.  If you’re a fan of anything we’ve ever done, I suggest getting a second job or a second mortgage – because there’s bound to be an actual piece of View Askew history you will need to own. Soar like an angel with the wings from DOGMA! Own the painting of birds bought at a diner in CHASING AMY!  Frame the pages of actual artwork from years of comic books I’ve written!  But if nothing else, make sure you pick up the AWESOME hardcover auction catalog Propworx has put together: it’s like the View Askew Yearbook, packed with images of everything that’s up for sale on April 10th – when we’ll be doing JAY AND SILENT BOB GET OLD – live, during the auction, color-commentating on our selling-out!”

For additional information please contact 714.850.1207.

Admission into the auction is free.  There will be a fee for parking in the convention center lot.


Kevin Smith Propworx Auction
Pasadena Convention Conference Center – Room 106
300 E Green St.
Pasadena, 91101
Auction Info: (714) 850-1207

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