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Day 28: Huntington Hospital Sculpture

Day 28 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena™ suggests visiting Huntington Hospital’s new sculpture.

Separate United Forms
Separate United Forms by David Schafer

Called Separate United Forms, this sculpture was commissioned in 2006 by the City of Pasadena’s as part of the Public Arts Program and is by David Schafer in collaboration with the Art Center College of Design and the Norton Simon Museum.

Huntington Hospital Sculpture

The work is based on Henry Moore’s Reclining Form which is located at the Norton Simon Museum. Henry Moore is an English sculptor and artist known for bronze sculptures that monumentalize the human form and Schafer felt this was an ideal complement for a medical facility.  He is reveered as the father of modern British sculpture. His work resonates with so many artists that even one of his students has become a renowned British sculpture. His student, Anthony Caro, embarked on a successful journey of creating his own sculptures that was influenced deeply from Henry Monroe’s classroom teachings. Caro has stated that he had no idea of what “surrealism” and “cubism” really meant or looked like. It was not until his years spent with Henry Moore that his knowledge, imagination and art truly blossomed.

Henry Moore
Reclining Figure (1951), Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Have you seen this sculpture?


To find out more about Henry Moore and his student Anthony Caro please visit Henry’s Bio website on Artsy.com:

Artsy’s Henry Moore Page

Includes his bio, over 30 of his works, exclusive articles about Moore and his up-to-date exhibitions.

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