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Curb Appeal – Get Buyers Excited About Seeing Your Pasadena Home

If your Pasadena house doesn’t look good from the curb, potential home buyers aren’t going to get out of the car. The interior of your home may be gorgeous, but if the exterior is not appealing, home buyers won’t be motivated to walk through the front door. If you can’t get them through the front door, it is highly unlikely they will be making an offer to buy. Pasadena Craftsman home before and after landscaping for curb appeal Landscaping and Curb Appeal:

Stand across the street from your home and snap a photo. What do you see? Do you see overgrown shrubs that block the front of the house or the windows? Do you see a weedy lawn that hasn’t seen fertilizer and a mower for a while? Do you see a bunch of junk laying around the yard or the dreaded ‘dead’ car in the driveway with weeds growing up underneath?¬† Mow your lawn. Fertilize it an water it regularly. Plant some colorful flowers along the front wall and near the front door.

If the exterior of your home hasn’t been painted in 5 years or more, consider painting the exterior.

If you can’t afford to repaint the entire exterior of your Pasadena house, at the very least have the exterior of your home power washed or steam cleaned. After cleaning, you can determine the areas most in need of being repaired or repainted.

To determine a pleasing exterior color drive around your Pasadena neighborhood and look for homes that are a similar style as yours, and find one that is painted an appealing color.

Many major paint companies have brochures on display at your local paint store that demonstrate pleasing paint color combinations for exterior paint. You can also choose paint colors online. One of my personal favorite on-line color selector tools is the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Selector. You will have to choose a body color (the main wall color), the trim color, and an accent color. If you can’t choose, or are afraid you won’t make the best choice, hire a home stager for a color consultation.

The drive up to your Pasadena home is the first time potential buyers will see it. Make sure what they see leaves a positive impression that makes them want to go inside.

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Another Example of Simple Steps to Create Curb Appeal

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