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Day 350: The Coffee Gallery

The Coffee Gallery Altadena

Hey there all my Altadena locals!

Have you had an opportunity to stop in The Coffee Gallery?

With the aroma of a fresh brewed latte, we share with you on Day 350 of 365 Things To Do AROUND Pasadena™ what we’ve heard about this funky little coffee house.

As you enter, you’re greeted by a warm and welcoming staff and the interior has mismatched furniture throughout which really gives it a homey sort of feeling.

You may also want to take a second look at the art on display.  There may be something displayed that wasn’t there on your last visit. The art is constantly being changed out to showcase the work of local artists.

Most folks rave about their coffee and the fact that there is live entertainment almost every night.   They also have Free Wi-Fi service.

But there is more to The Coffee Gallery than meets the eye…

Backstage, you enter a world of entertainment!

About the Coffee Gallery Backstage:

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a 49 seat show room connected to “The Coffee Gallery.”  The Backstage is a listening room with a fine sound system, good lights, comfortable seating and an amazing atmosphere.

The room “location” is a coffee bean warehouse somewhere in Central America.  You are comfortably stranded while your cruise ship rides out a storm at the mouth of the river.  You,  fortunately, are ashore and have stumbled upon this warehouse where a  group of musical and witty, mostly American, expatriates are earning their cups of exotic coffee by entertaining with voice, guitar and humor.

There seems to be a never-ending supply of them; it is almost always a different group every week night.   The entertainers seem to be overjoyed with  this bean storage facility as the audience is starved for “good” music and  comedy and no machinery of any kind makes a sound while they are  performing.   Grinders are not allowed. Each individual bean is crushed,  quietly, by hand  by underpaid field workers.  –Information provided by Coffee Gallery Backstage.

I think you’ll notice the handy work of Mr. Bob Stane of The Ice House Comedy Club.  In that informational blurb, he is known as the cruel overseer of the Backstage 🙂

We do hope that you’ll get the opportunity to take in a delicious cup of coffee and some great entertainment when you stop in.

The Coffee Gallery
2029 Lake Avenue
Altadena, 91101
(626) 398-7917

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