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Day 182: Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Old Pasadena has a great selection of menu items including Sake, Sushi [more]
Day 181:  Beyond The Olive
Located in Old Pasadena, Beyond The Olive is a fascinating family run store. See Crystal Reibel dem [more]
Day 180:  Heritage Wine Company
Wine Heritage in Old Pasadena takes the snobbery out of wine! [more]
DAY 179:  Monday Night Football at the Yard House
Visiting Paseo Colorado? Stop in the Yard House for a fun vibrant atmosphere and wide selection of f [more]
Pasadena's Busch Gardens was a setting for Gone With The Wind house. [more]
Day 177:  Pilates
Pilates increases circulation and helps to sculpt the body and strengthen the body's "core" or "powe [more]
Day 176:  Jones Coffee
Jones Coffee in Pasadena offers great coffee, an eclectic setting and more... [more]
Day 175:  Pasadena ARTS Bus
Pasadena's artsy transportation... take this ARTS bus on a trip around town! [more]
Day 173: Pro Fitness Massage
Pro Fitness in Pasadena offers a variety of massages including Fitness, Massage and Deep Tissue. [more]
Day 171:  Oldest Standing Building in Old Pasadena
Union Savings Bank, the oldest standing structure in Old Pasadena brings the rumors of catacombs, cr [more]