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Day 260: Beakman on the Brain

Curious about the human brain?

Beakman on the Brain

Here’s your chance to learn.

Day 260 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena sends you off to the live stage performance of Beakman on the Brain.

From the Emmy Award winning, children’s science TV show, Beakman’s World, the entertaining and lively scientist Beakman (Paul Zaloom) bring you a brand new production, ‘Beakman on the Brain!’ Everything you every wanted to know about the Brain but were thinking too much to ask!

With plenty of audience participation and his wacky sense of humor, Beakman employs a series of large scale, fun, and very visual demonstrations to illustrate how the brain works.

Have you ever wondered how we think, feel, smell and see?

How about what makes us cry, laugh, smile and sneeze?

Learn about how our brains can get fooled, or the effect of music and art on our brains.

Beakman will address the neuroscience of the brain in a fun, wacky and exploratory way for kids and adults alike. Be ready to be brain teased!

Beakman on the Brain will be taking place at Cal Tech Beckman Auditorium Friday, January 28th @ 7:00 pm

Ticket prices are $10  youth unreserved seating $15 Adults/reserved seating.

For additional information please contact 626.935.4652.

Get the kids out for an evening of fun, educational entertainment. Be sure to let us know the interesting things YOU learned about the human brain 😉

Brain Fun Facts:

* The energy used by our brain is enough to light a 25 Watt light bulb.

* It is estimated that a human brain produces 70,000 thoughts a day.

* Albert Einsteins brain weighed 2.71 lbs, the average human brain weighs 3 lbs.

-Information provided by Brain Health and Puzzles.com–


California Institute of Technology
Beckman Auditorium Ticket Office
332 S. Michigan Avenue
Pasadena, 91105
(626) 395-4652

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