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Showing by author: Sasha

Day 79: Gold Class Cinemas
Check out Pasadena's Gold Class Cinemas for the ultimate movie theater experience! [more]
Day 74:  Jazz Summer Concert Series
Enjoy Pasadena's 7th Annual Free Jazz Summer Concert Series! [more]
Day 73: Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant
If you feel like comfort food, grab a breakfast burrito at Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant in Pasadena [more]
Day 72: LA Mud Run At the Rose Bowl In Pasadena
Have a fun day out with your friends running through a muddy course at the Pasadena Rose Bowl! [more]
Day 69:  LA Street Food Fest Summer Tasting Event
Get your taste buds ready for the LA Street Food Fest Event! [more]
Day 66: Free Ice Cream Social With the Family
Free ice cream social at the Pasadena Museum of History! [more]
Sasha’s Sunday Spectrum:  Leaves Falling
It is always cool to view things from a unique angle. [more]
Sasha’s Sunday Spectrum:  Fall in Pasadena!
Beautiful leaves show their colors in Pasadena California [more]