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South Pasadena Condo – 1515 Oak Street #21
South Pasadena Views Condo! This is the official property listing website for 1515 Oak Street, Uni [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jul 30, 2015
It's been an active summer with inventory hovering around 90 properties for sale each week in the Gr [more]
Broker Home Tour – April 2, 2015
Seems like folks are getting ready for Easter celebration, as we only had 56 homes to choose from in [more]
Broker Home Tour – Feb 5, 2015
I'm excited to feature two great houses, seen at this week's broker tour. The first one is located i [more]
Broker Home Tour – Dec 18, 2014
Today was our year end broker home tour. With 29 homes on the market, we had a great time visiting 9 [more]
Broker Home Tour – Nov 7, 2014
Housing inventory has been at a steady average level of 70 properties for sale each week since July. [more]
Broker Home Tour – Sep 5, 2014
This week’s broker home tour offered 71 homes for previewing. Some interesting properties are up f [more]
Broker Home Tour – June 5, 2014
A great day in Pasadena for home buyers given that we are finally seeing some inventory of homes com [more]
A new foreclosure in South Pasadena hit the market. [more]