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Broker Tour – July 24, 2014
We noticed a little dip in the real estate inventory this week, from being in the 90+ range to 77 pr [more]
Broker Tour – July 10, 2014
The real estate inventory is back on track with 95 properties for sale in this week’s broker tour. [more]
Broker Tour – July 3, 2014
From having close to 100 properties for sale last week, the inventory at today's broker tour wa [more]
Broker Tour – June 12, 2014
Another beautiful day, another broker tour. With 80 plus properties for sale, we ended up venturing [more]
Broker Home Tour – June 5, 2014
A great day in Pasadena for home buyers given that we are finally seeing some inventory of homes com [more]
Broker Home Tour – May 29, 2014
Thursday's Pasadena broker preview tour had 68 homes for sale.  My team and I saw about a dozen in [more]
Broker Home Tour – May 1, 2014
Boy, was it hot in Pasadena!  We are experiencing 100 degree heat wave and a huge up tick in home i [more]
Broker Home Tour – April 24 2014
Inventory of homes is still miserly as we're going into the last week of April.  I previewed severa [more]
Broker Home Tour – April 10, 2014
You can certainly tell that we're getting into the summer selling season in Pasadena. There was a re [more]
Broker Home Tour – April 3, 2014
This week, our Multiple Listing Service Tour had 60 properties open including our beautiful Californ [more]